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January 8 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Networking Norms (to maintain mutual respect and a positive spirit)
– AAWIP is here to serve you in a way that you are most comfortable which means boundaries must be respected as well. We’re a supportive group and while it is common to connect one-on-one for tea, coffee, or lunch outside of our meetings, boundaries and people as individuals should be respected; if an AAWIP member isn’t ready to meet, is not the “let’s meet” type, needs an empath breather… this should be respected by all AAWIP members.

– Bonus offers are great, but all AAWIP members should create fee (0 to …) boundaries. This is a wholistic and integrative group supporting its professionals. Creating fee boundaries will create sound professional relationships. Money is easiest and should be clear up-front (which includes no hidden fees), other exchanges should be clear and equal (all parties should feel fairly compensated), expectations for donation-based or no cost should be clear (fee-less is a fee), gifts are appreciated, but should not be expected.

What to expect when registering for a meeting
Please accurately e-register your attendance intention by Sunday (prior to our meeting) so that we have a seat waiting for you (this includes members bringing guests). The RSVP list will be printed by six the Sunday before our meeting, but you can still register online (I just won’t have your name on my print out).

If you don’t know how to change your attendance status, see instructions at

See the explanation on why “no show” status is recorded at

Meeting Details
3pm for two hours | Cost: Free | Where: Viewable by E-Registered AAWIP Members

Meeting Flow
Prior to 3pm: we (whoever can help) will set up chairs

Until 3:05 pm:
– circulate business cards and materials for those attending before the meeting by putting on tables at the door, or on chairs if you have enough material;
– products can be placed at your feet for show & tell;
– we do not circulate cards, sign-up sheets, or products during two-minute presentations to give each professional our full attention.

3:05 pm to approx. 4:15 pm (60-70ish minutes):
– each attending has a 2-minute verbal opportunity to share your good work to the entire group;
– expect 30-40ish in attendance depending on the month.

Approx. 4:20pm (5ish minutes):
short stretch, bathroom break, collect materials at table, chat (folks are welcome to come and go during the meeting).

Approx. 4:30pm – Twenty Minute Teaching:
This month “Hands On After-death Care: Home Funerals, Green Burial and the Law” will be presented by Judith Dorsey, former Hospice Nurse and Home Funeral Advocate.

– Approx. 4:50pm:
– 1:1 networking which can also be continued in the Crystal Visions coffee shop after the meeting;
– Show & Tell can range from, energetic work, and product demonstrations, to chatting about collaborations

– Approx. 5:00pm:
– break down tables (whoever can help) and stack chairs;
– materials on table will be thrown away by 5:00pm, so please be sure to pick up your valuable information by then.

– Approx. 5pm meeting ends (chatting can continue in the coffee shop).

Opportunities for AAWIP members NOW
– AAWIP is on LinkedIn, Facebook, and the Meetup Discussion Board to allow you to promote your wholistic and integrative workshops, and sessions.

– Watch for Testimonial Tuesday prompts (Teresa Eidt) on the AAWIP Facebook page. List or view “Member-to-Member Testimonials” on the AAWIP meetup discussion board (must be AAWIP members).

– Want to be a 20 Minute Teacher? Read how on the AAWIP meetup discussion board–“Twenty Minute Teachers during AAWIP Meetings and How You Can Present.”

– Member to Member offers can be made on the meetup discussion board. See “AAWIP Member to Member Offers.”

– Build our well-being community in more than meetings. Have coffee/tea/meals with AAWIP members outside of AAWIP meetings. Use the membership list to connect eye-to-eye (even if you can’t make meetings). AAWIP is more than one meeting per month.

See you soon!

In Service,

Michelle Payton